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At MaryJersey, you can just take about $25(1/5 of official store price) to get stitched and authentic quality NFL/MLB/NBA/NHL/MLS/Soccer Jersey 

All you should do:
Log in our site -->Find Items to Cart-->Checkout-->Pay for the items-->We express the items -->Sign at Home


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Risk free shopping

 ·100% safe personal info

 ·100% safe shopping info

 ·100% safe payment info

 ·Full of privacy protection
 Lowest Price

·as low as $20 for One Stitched Jersey

·fixed $21 ship fee and free shipping a certain of amount

·Frequently coupon release and promotion save you more

·Product Price + Ship Fee = Final Pay, no sales tax

High Quality

·Stitched numbers, names and logos

·Great fabric and technology

Fast&Easy Ordering

·Site, email, online talk, telephone ordering

·Credit Card Online payment

Great Delivery service 

·4-7 working days to deliver

·tracking number for package

·Deliver to your home

·Drop shipping available

 Various Options

·NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and Soccer

·Men’s, Women’s and Children’s

·full styles, versions, sizes and colors

·jerseys and accessories

·customize jerseys

 Good Manual Service

·multiple contact ways

·timely answer

·track throughout order

·care every detail

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